We use gamification as our method, because the years have shown us that it works, since it keeps children motivated and focused.

It is not about playing for the sake of playing. The games that we prepare for your children are strategically designed for each topic that is taught. In other words, the theory learned is put into practice so it's easier for them to remember tomorrow and not just memorize the lesson to translate it into an exam.

We leave you a link with information about our methodology.

Early Learning (3-7)

First level of the game:

At this age, ear training and introducing the language into their lives in a natural way is very important.
By listening to their teachers, singing songs, reading stories and, of course playing, they unwittingly acquire a level of English that will help them a lot in the future when they grow up and realize that it comes out completely spontaneously. 

8-12 Year Olds

Second level:

Now we move on to the second level of the game. 

We have already acquired an extensive vocabulary and it is much easier for us to understand the teacher's explanations. Therefore, we start to introduce grammar using GAMIFICATION. We usually divide the class into two parts; In the first part, we explain the corresponding grammar, using any necessary resource for the children to understand... (a file, a diagram, a video, even a rolleplay if necessary).

And in the second part, we put that theory into practice by preparing strategic games so that they polish and understand 100% what they learned previously. 

12+ Year Olds

Third Level:

At this third level, if we have followed the steps above, we should already have many resources... But it doesn't always work that way, and it doesn't have to... As we have said before, each child is different and not all of us follow the same rhythm nor are we interested in the same things.
It's perfectly understandable and it is important to know that. Children enter a complicated age, in which school stress, teenage crisis, social relationships, getting to know themselves and an endless list of situations that we go through at this time.
At Cool School we foster trust between students and teachers, their evolution and growth is very important to us.
Having said this and returning to the academic topic, at this stage we continue with GAMIFICATION, but in a manner appropriatete to their needs since Grammar and Vocabulary are more complex at this stage. Furthermore Cambridge exams, for some,  are just around the corner.

Cambridge Exams

Fourth Level:

In this fourth level of the game, it is the students and family members who decide to obtain a degree, the preparation is focused on the requirements that the University of Cambridge demands to pass any of the exams (the most common are B1, B2 and C1).
To be examined at these levels, the assessors of the university itself recommend a preparation of at least 2 years.

It consists of 4 parts: Listening, reading&Use of English, writing & speaking. 

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