Workshops during the term

During the school year we carry out different parties and workshops for the typical festivities of our environment, such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter.

Our purpose is to keep students motivated and for that, there are several ways to achieve it; one of them is, without a doubt, parties and crafts in English.

The activity will be done in English, with our native teachers, but there is no problem if the children do not feel very confident in English, even if they start from a lower level, we will do everything possible to improve their communication skills.

Both our students and all children who are interested can sign up . Friends, family and neighborhood of our students are invited to register, but we remind you that you have to do it as soon as possible so that no one is left without places.


To honor the night of the dead, in our workshop, we will decorate some terrifying pumpkins. With these works of art, neither ghosts nor witches will dare to pass!

To create our Halloween pumpkin, we will use paint, markers, glitter, pom poms, silhouettes of spiders... A Halloween decoration that will last us a lifetime!

We will also dance, play, have mummy contests, paint our faces, prepare bloody fingers in our kitchen of terror... and much more!

Come and enjoy with Cool!

Dates 2022:

  1. Friday 29 October


We are going to celebrate Christmas in a different way, with English classes for children full of vitality, joy and enthusiasm. With original activities and many surprises.

This year at Cool we want boys and girls to enjoy this period in a more intense way, that is why we are going to hold a Christmas workshop in which we will mix grammar and conversational fluency activities with varied activities such as writing a letter to Santa, songs and carols in English, culinary recipes typical of this time of year and much more.

Dates 2022:

  1. Canceled due to high incidence of Covid-19

First heading

On these dates, we do all kinds of crafts, egg hunts and themed cooking.

We will prepare all kinds of activities so that the students stay motivated and stay connected to English during the mini-holidays.

Dates 2022:

  1. Monday 11 April
  2. Tuesday 12 April
  3. Wednesday 13 April

Summer Camp

Let's celebrate the school year is over!!

Dates 2022:

Week 1: July 4th - July 8th

Week 2: July 11th - July 15th

Week 3: July 18th - July 22th

Week 4: July 25th - July 29th

Learn more about out camp in the following link:

Online workshop reservation

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