Urban Camps

Urban Day Camp in English, with sport activities in July.

We combine dynamic, fun and playful English classes (projects, interactive screens, cooking workshops, rolle plays, crafts, games...) with sport activities such as surfing, snorkeling, bigsub and day trips. Sport activities are also held in English.

We have 300 m2 of facilities + a completely fenced and shaded patio where you can do a wide variety of outdoor activities.
In short, the children you entrust to us will be cared for with great love and affection and we will ensure that they learn and enjoy every moment they spend with us, thus ensuring that the experience in our camp is rewarding and unforgettable. 

We will carry out two open days, the first one on May 14th , so that you can get to know the center and its facilities, the activities and crafts carried out. The second will be held on June 4th for those who cannot attend in May. We need confirmation.

In principle, the activities are stipulated as follows, depending on the weather conditions and as always, these will not be mandatory, and in case any child doesn't want to do them, we will have other options prepared for them to have fun in the same way. We will be with them during the activities.

Tuesday and Thursday (4 hours per week) : The activity will take place on the Plentzia-Gorliz beach to practice Surf and Big-Sup with the company ALOKA , always using games and having fun. After finishing the course we always have the option of staying on the beach until lunchtime to continue playing games, doing treasure hunts, gyncanas, sand castles... etc.

Friday (day excursion): This activity will be planned each week, since we need to know the weather situation and the availability of the sites we visit.


Cool School will take care of all the transportations to Plentzia and to the trips from our center in Sopela. The pick-ups are quite flexible, we have several pick-up points. As it can be the academy, or different bus stops.

Cool Activities: From our center we have scheduled different activities and a special cooking workshop.

Cool chef : Once a week we will open our juniorchefs contest in which the children will take the Roll of cooks and jurors so that they can develop their imagination and enjoy the competition in a healthy and fun way and thus* enjoy the kitchen with full enthusiasm.

We will set the kitchen for the contest by creating all the materials together, such as aprons, microphones, cameras, suits...

We will use simple but fun recipes such as pancakes with a tossing contest, emoji-shaped pizzas, slow-cooked marshmallows around the campfire while we sing songs and tell stories, chocolate muffins with extra fun, even bake cookies to decorate with fondant, chocolate or gummies.

We will work for thematic weeks, in which we will do projects related to the theme.

Week 1: Detectives.*  In this week the children will be able to enter the spy world to fly towards an inexhaustible world of fantasy. We will do activities for children to encourage group collaboration and awaken motivation and intrigue by exploring and discovering magic, in order to have fun solving puzzles, playing detectives.

Week 2 : Middle Ages (With Minecraft)This week the star project will be with Minecraft in which we will be able to design our own castle by gathering information on this topic on the internet and learn a little general culture in English, so we can let go when thinking and speaking in this language.

Week 3: Around the world in 5 days. This week we will focus on the different cultures around us, and spend time on general culture, interest in it and curiosity. We'll have parties based on the country they choose that day. Apart from that, a project will be made with whatever material they find interesting. 

Week 4 : Cool School's got talent. This week the children will be able to unleash their inner talent and expand on their costumes and performances. They will develop their creativity and imagination. We will mix theater with music, circus and dance.

When can we start having fun?

The camp will open its doors from July 4 to July 29, with the possibility of registering by weeks and the schedule will be from 09:00 till 14:00 without food and from 09:00 to 16:00 with food (catering). Hours are expandable for those who need it.

Our camp includes:

  • - Informative open day. (14th May & 4th June)
  • Round trip transfers from the academy to the activities. (Barik)
  • Medical and civil liability insurance.
  • 1 full day excursion per week.
  • 2 half-day excursions per week.
  • 4 weekly hours of surfing.
  • Material for the activities.
  • Certificate of participation.

In short, the children you entrust to us will be treated and cared for with great care and we will make sure that they learn and enjoy every moment they spend with us, thus ensuring that the experience in our camp is rewarding and unforgettable, as always.

Online camp reservation

Book your session in time. We will confirm your reservation via email. 

Please write in comments the number of the week you wish to reserve.